New Revelations Collegiate Mission


The NRCM program involves students in an intentional Christian community of religious faith. Students participate in leadership formation through; individual collaboration with on-site program directors, participation in the Christian community, increasing leadership responsibilities, reading recommended books, attending meetings and community or civic involvement. Leadership formation plans are adapted to meet each students’ spiritual gifts, abilities and desired outcome.

Any college student in the Denton Texas area can apply. Application involves a process of visiting the housing site, paper application, interviews and Board review. Our desire is to ensure you will enjoy and benefit from the NRCM program. Space is limited so we must allow opportunity to the best possible applicants.

To apply simply use the Contact Us portion of this website to email and ask. Once we establish contact with you we will start your application process. Room applications are open now.

You can apply to participate in the program without residing in housing. Application process is the same as those who reside on-site.

Contact Us and Apply

NRCM Identity

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New Revelations Collegiate Mission is a Christian religious community of faith that engages undergraduate students in the priesthood of all believers. As a ministry of the Reformed Church in America, NRCM equips undergraduate students attending secular universities for Christ-centered, biblically based, theologically integrated, culturally competent, leadership in and for the world.


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Rooms available for the 2018-2019 years are located in the main house. Rooms are furnished and have private attached bathrooms. Program includes partial meal plan, utilities and wireless internet access. Full monthly program rate is $500 per student. Students can raise support for all or part of their program through NRCM. Rooms are available year round so there is no need to move if you choose to leave for the summer and return.

NRCM Desired Outcome

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Graduates become Christian professional leaders in the marketplace fully aware of their role as Christ’s presence in and for the world.