New Revelations Collegiate Mission

Become a Supporting Partner, Partner with a Student and/or be a Prayer Partner

Help NRCM Form leaders actively engaged as Christ’s presence in the world.

More Information on Partner Levels

Prayer Partner

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Contact Us to request to become a prayer partner. Pray Partners receive a quarterly newsletter via e-mail and special requests as needs arise. Your prayerful support will help NRCM change the lives that will change the world.

Current Prayer Support Needs

  • Please be in prayer for the students, house building plans and funding, leader recruitment and community involvement.

Partner with a Student

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You can sponsor one or more of the students enrolled in the NRCM program. Sponsorship will provide students with material and financial support while they are participating in the NRCM program. Sponsors receive updates on the student(s) throughout their time in the program. Help a student at NRCM focus their Christian life so that they can change the world. Contact Us to select a student to support then use the PayPal link (click here) to donate to NRCM.

Supporting Partner

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NRCM is a full IRS 501(c)(3) religious charity organization. Use the PayPal link (click here) to donate to NRCM. 100% of your donation will go directly to the ministry needs of NRCM. Administration and salary expenses are provided through student program payments, not your supporting partner donations. Help NRCM change the lives that will change the world through your financial support.

Current Financial Support Needs:

  • Housing - need to build 10 student houses and 2 leader homes
  • Land Purchase - need 4 acres
  • Utility Supply - to bring sewer, water, and electric to the homes
  • Furniture - furnishing student rooms, bathrooms, and kitchen
  • Build a House - for $TBD the house will carry your name
  • Furnish a Room - for $TBD a sign will be posted to the door of a room with: "Room Furnished by [Your Name Here]"
  • Sponsor a completed house to assist with utilities and on-going expenses through regular giving


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New Revelations Collegiate Mission is a ministry of the Reformed Church in America. It is a program and donation generating non-profit religious ministry with the future capacity to branch out to multiple locations.

Function Plan

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New Revelations Collegiate Mission offers off campus housing to undergraduate college students attending state/secular universities. The housing contract will involve students in an intentional Christian community of religious faith. Students will participate in leadership formation through; one on one counseling, participation in the Christian community, increasing leadership responsibilities, reading recommended books, attending meetings and community or civic involvement. Leadership formation plans will be adapted to meet each students’ spiritual gifts, abilities and desired outcome.