New Revelations Collegiate Mission

About Us

Forming leaders actively engaged as Christ's presence in the world. Short form: Empowering tomorrow's leaders today.

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Desired Outcome

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Christian professional leaders in the marketplace fully aware of their role as Christ’s presence in and for the world.

Function Plan

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New Revelations Collegiate Mission offers off campus housing to undergraduate college students attending state universities. The program contract involves student participants in an intentional Christian community of religious faith. Students participate in leadership formation through; individual collaboration with on-site program directors, participation in the Christian community, increasing leadership responsibilities, reading recommended books, attending meetings and community or civic involvement. Leadership formation plans are adapted to meet each students’ spiritual gifts, abilities and desired outcome.


New Revelations Collegiate Mission is a Christian religious community of faith that engages undergraduate students in the priesthood of all believers. As a ministry of the Reformed Church in America, New Revelations Collegiate Mission equips undergraduate students attending secular universities for Christ-centered, biblically based, theologically integrated, culturally competent, leadership in and for the world.

Participant Time Investment

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We realize that college is demanding and many students work in addition to college classes and extracurricular activities. New Revelations Collegiate Mission requirements are individually tailored to meet each students’ needs and goals.

Organizational Vision

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New Revelations Collegiate Mission is a self-supporting ministry of the Reformed Church in America. It is a program and donation generating (IRS 501(c)(3)) non-profit religious ministry with the future capacity to branch out to multiple locations.

Official Denominational Affiliation

New Revelations Collegiate Mission is an active ministry of the Reformed Church in America (RCA), Synod of the Heartlands, Central Plains Classis. Although an active ministry of the RCA, program participants are welcome from every Christian denomination and group.

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